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Rebecca visits Randall in Philadelphia. Beth is troubled by a request from Deja. Kevin has doubts about himself.


After Jack's death, Rebecca decides to enter the workforce. She is hired after Randall advocates for her with an interviewer. Randall admits that doing his laundry at home is an excuse; he comes home only to spend time with Rebecca.

In the present, it is the day before Thanksgiving. Rebecca visits Randall. He is troubled by her fixation on her phone and a series of "senior moments." When he suggests she see a doctor, she is defensive and they exchange unkind words; Randall indirectly criticizes Rebecca's parenting.

Malik tells Beth that Deja wants to see Shauna, and calls out Beth's equivocation; Beth agrees to Deja's request to invite Shauna for Thanksgiving.

Toby hopes to feed Jack his first solid food; Kate doesn't tell Toby that Gregory has successfully fed the baby an avocado.

Kevin and Cassidy avoid each other, but attend Nicky's hearing together after Nicky seeks Cassidy's help with an erratic but sober Kevin; Nicky expresses gratitude for receiving treatment and having Kevin in his life, and the pretrial diversion is approved. With Kevin's encouragement, Cassidy joins her husband and son at a restaurant and does not deliver her signed divorce papers. Throughout the day, Nicky engages Kevin in honest discussions about Kevin's choices, and Kevin sees and hears Jack speaking to him through Nicky.