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Carol Clark

Carol Clark is the mother of Beth Pearson.


Carol Clark is strict, practical, realistic, and overprotective of her children. Carol makes her living as a high school principal. When Beth decided to audition for a professional dance school Carol was concerned. Abe talked her into allowing it. As Bethany got older the competition became fierce. Before Abe dies Bethany plans to move to New York to become a professional dancer. After Abe died from lung cancer Carol made Bethany give up her dream of dancing to focus on school and save money. Carol did this to protect her youngest daughter. Carol tries to explain to Bethany that she doesn't want her to get hurt. After Bethany decides to open up her own dance studio as an adult Carol is there to support her. When Carol met Randall she didn't think he was good enough for Bethany.


She was married to Abraham "Abe" Clark with whom she had four children: Lisa, Isaiah, Renée and Beth. She and her husband also took in their niece Zoe.


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"And I just had me and my worries, wanting my last child to be okay. Our little island girl, who danced before she could walk."


*Carol is played by former "The Cosby Show" star Phyllcia Rashad.

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