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Nicky Pearson


Nicholas "Nick" or "Nicky" Pearson (born 18 October 1948) is the younger brother of Jack Pearson.

He is portrayed by Michael Angarano.


Nicky was born on October 18th 1948 at 11:58pm, weighing 7.2lbs. His mother was Marilyn Pearson and his father was Stanley Pearson.


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Jack Pearson

Nicky is Jack's younger brother. Jack protects Nicky from their father as he sees it as his duty as the older brother to look out for Nicky. They are both very close because of this.

Nicky is Kevin's, Randall's, and Kate's uncle.

Nicky is Rebecca's brother in law.


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"Jesus Christ. You know it was just a nickname, man. You're not Superman. It's just a stupid nickname." - Nicky to Jack in Sometimes.

"I wasn't broken. I was sick and when you're sick, you've got to let the people who care about you help you."- Nicky to the judge in Sorry.


  • His birthday, October 18, was the fifth picked in the draft.
  • He was charged with an Article 15 during his time in Vietnam - "reckless endangerment to myself and to my fellow soldiers".