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Katie Girls

Katie Girls
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The Pearsons rally around Kate as she undergoes a medical procedure.


Rebecca and Alan meet in shop class. Alan shows up at Rebecca's door. Jack drives up but sees Alan and Rebecca kissing. Jack goes home where his Dad complains about a sandwich his Mom made him. Jack tells her to leave the sandwich and to go pack her things. Kevin watches as his family watches his movie. They all clap and call Kevin a movie star. Randall talks to Kate about IVF. He confronts her about what she said about their Dad. He tells her that why is she spending thousands of dollars on IVF when she could adopt. Kate runs off crying.

Jack's mom doesn't want to show up at her friends house empty handed so she makes him stop for a coffee cake. Rebecca has dinner with Alan's parents. Alan invites Rebecca to come live with him in New York where they can both pursue their dreams. Kevin picks up Zoe from the airport and invites her to go with him to a movie interview. She accepts. Randall calls Councilman Brown. Randall asks him why he didn't send a maintenance crew. Councilmen Brown says that he's sorry but he has an order on the way he does things. Beth asks Randall if he apologized to Kate yet. He says that he texted her. Beth tells him that he has trouble apologizing to his siblings. Beth calls Kate for Randall and has him apologize. Kate tells him that she can't have this conversation right now because everyone is making her feel like she's going to die tomorrow. She hangs up and Randall decides to fly to Los Angeles for Kate's surgery.

Rebecca tells Alan that she will go with him to New York. Kate is freaking out before her surgery. Kevin and Zoe attend the interview. Terry Gross asks Kevin about Jack's time in the war but Kevin doesn't know anything. Beth gets let go from her job because she isn't valuable to the company right now. Randall arrives too late to see Kate before she goes in to surgery. Kate hallucinates when she's put under and sees her teenage self. Teen Kate tells Kate that she shouldn't have a baby. Jack tells both Kate's to stop fighting. Kate is surprised to see her Dad. Kevin is upset because he knows so little about his Dad's time in Vietnam. Jack runs into Rebecca while at the grocery store. Rebecca tells Jack that he never showed and Jack said he did but that he saw Alan on her doorstep. Rebecca tells Jack that she's moving to New York to pursue her dream of singing. She asks Jack if he has a dream and he says his dream is a decent job, a wife, and a family.

Beth remembers having a conversation with William. Kevin puts up pictures of his Dad's time in the war. Zoe offers to help him do the research to find out more about his Dad. Toby and Randall talk about anxiety. Toby reveals to Randall that he takes medication for depression. The doctor comes out and tells them that Kate is having trouble getting rid of the sleepy drugs from her body. Kate imagines having ice cream with Teen Kate, Young Kate, and Jack. Teen Kate asks Kate to stay since Jack is here. Kate tells Jack that she can't stay and she wakes up. Toby tells her that Randall is here. Randall apologizes and Kate tells him that he has a lot of Dad in him because he flew across the country to see her. The doctor comes in and tells them that they were able to get eight eggs. Randall gets a call from Deja and tells her that he'll be on the next flight back home.

Rebecca talks to Alan's mom about Jack and how she has a feeling. Randall arrives at the hospital and learns that Sky was jumped. Randall goes home and tells Beth that he plans to run against Councilman Brown. Beth tells him that she got fired. Rebecca goes to visit Jack at his mom's friends house. Jack asks about Alan but Rebecca says that Alan's from a previous life. Jack notices that the kitchen is dirty so he starts to clean. Rebecca joins in. Rebecca asks Jack if he'd like to go for a drive to Los Angeles and he says yes.



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